Sunday, 11 April 2004

11th April2004 Port St Charles, Barbados

It is a warm and beautiful Easter Morning here at Port St Charles, Barbados. The humming birds are zooming between the blue flowers lining our dock, a pair of fly catchers are twiddling happily (and dropping things!) from the mast head, and it is already 31 degrees inside three hours after sunrise. There is hardly a breath of wind, but the weather man on CBC radio promised some trade winds later... Diana and I have had a jog and a swim before breakfast, we have written some post cards and we are thinking about friends and family, and before I get a report written about the events these last two weeks, we’d like to send you all this Easter Card &
Greeting. Eli sends her regards from the Smyths at Joes River House, St. Joseph (East Barbados), where she is enjoying the luxuries of land life. She moves back aboard tomorrow before we head west towards Bequia on Tuesday 13th. Mariann in Bequia phoned today and wants to have a party when we arrive on Wednesday – great! But meanwhile,

Happy Easter and the Warmest of Wishes to you all, wherever you are. From Diana, Eli and Stein

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